Are you protecting your physical assets?






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Are you protecting your business?

right-arrow-circular-button Professional Indemnity 

man-thinkingProtects your legal liability arising from making your professional mistake which results in a client suffering a financial loss. Including costs for defending claims again you.

right-arrow-circular-button Public Liability 

man-thinkingProtects your legal liability to pay damages to other people who have suffered personal injury or property damage as a result of your business activities.  Including costs for defending claims against you.

right-arrow-circular-button Statutory Liability 

man-thinkingCover for your legal defense if you are prosecuted for an unintentional breach of an insured Act of Parliament. If convicted, this will also cover your fines – with the exception of Health and Safety in Employment Act fines.

right-arrow-circular-button Employers Liability 

man-thinkingIf your employees suffer an injury that is not covered under ACC, they are able to bring a case against you under Common Law. This insurance provides for defense costs and any settlement arising from such cases.

right-arrow-circular-button Commercial Motor Vehicles 

man-thinkingCover for your motor vehicles when they are being used for business purposes.

right-arrow-circular-button Material Damage 

man-thinkingThe physical assets of your business can be insured for accidental sudden loss or damage. It is usual that the insurance is on a replacement basis.

right-arrow-circular-button Business Interruption 

man-thinkingLoss of insurance Gross Profit or Extra Costs incurred, which arise as a result of an interruption to your business – following a claim on your Material Damage Insurance policy.

right-arrow-circular-button Directors & Officers 

man-thinkingProvides protection to directors & officers for their legal liability arising from carrying out their duties as a company director or officer.